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Our People

Richard Rhodes
Richard Rhodes
Richard is a Chartered Accountant who specialises in audit for larger companies and organisations, advises clients of all sizes on business development and assists UK companies with overseas subsidiaries in relation to accounting and taxation issues.

Outside the office he enjoys travelling for both business and pleasure and is a keen tennis player.

Contact richard.rhodes@fpca.co.uk

Dave Alesbury
As one of the directors of the company, Dave specialises in audit and advises small and medium-sized companies on their regulatory requirements, day-to-day financial matters and when the time comes, exit planning.

In his spare time he enjoys golf and five-a-side football but freely admits he is not a specialist at either.

Contact dave.alesbury@fpca.co.uk

Peter Sarney
Peter is a director specialising in advising individuals and smaller businesses on their taxation and financial affairs. As a qualified taxation practitioner, Peter is particularly interested in helping clients plan for their future, keeping their tax bills as low as legitimately possible.

Peter enjoys flying kites (both in the office and real kites outside) and calming down on his narrow-boat – when he gets the chance.

Contact peter.sarney@fpca.co.uk

Rob Carter
Rob deals with a wide range of owner-managed businesses and also looks after a number of branches and subsidiaries of overseas companies which outsource their day-to-day financial management and production of financial information.

In his spare time Rob likes to pretend he is young and sadly still thinks his debut for Manchester United is just around the corner.

Contact rob.carter@fpca.co.uk

Steven Dawson Brent
Steven is a qualified accountant dealing with all aspects of small business financial and accounting requirements. He supervises the preparation of client payrolls and VAT Returns and looks after company secretarial affairs for many of our clients.

Steven enjoys golf and playing the guitar badly (but thankfully has yet to bring it into the office).

Contact steven.dawsonbrent@fpca.co.uk

Indira Seevaratnam
Tax Specialist
Indira specialises in corporate taxation matters, advising on all planning and compliance issues. Indira has considerable experience in dealing with Inland Revenue enquiries and assisting resolution by negotiation wherever possible.

Contact indira.seevaratnam@fpca.co.uk